• Sun, sea, Italian food and some of the best trails in the world, it’s hard to think of a better place to round out the 2014 Enduro World Series than Finale Ligure. 

    Severin Wegener

    Hype before the weekend centred on some big names from across mountain biking turning their skills to enduro, as well as the long-anticipated return of a few familiar faces to the mix.

    After five rounds across Europe and North America it was time to crown the 2014 Enduro World Series champion. It was also good to see Jérômé Clementz back in the game. After his major shoulder injury at the beginning of the season he could finally participate again.

    Severin Wegener

    After months of being off the trail Jérôme was stronger than ever. After six very technical and rocky stages he could managed a overwhelming 4th place followed bei Nico Lau in 7th position.

    Severin Wegener

    Nico felt pretty good during Saturday and Sunday but unfortunately he can´t trigger his wanted speed. But anyway he finished in a brilliant 4th position over all.

    Severin Wegener

    4th Jérômé Clementz

    7th Nico Lau

    47th Scott Laughland

    61st André Wagenknecht

    77th Jérémy Arnould

    Severin Wegener

    Photo © Severin Wegener

  • It was a overwhelming weekend at UCI Downhill World Cup Leogang. On more time the outstanding Madison Saracen Team proofed their blasting skills in the Austrian dirt. 

    Most of the racers liked the warm and sunny conditions at Leogang. But after a long period of sun and only some sprinkles during the nights, the track was super dusty.

    No problem for the mud and rain proven Madison Saracen Team. Also Quentin Chanudet, Mariana Salazar and the Scott Lac Blanc Team come along with this pretty atypical conditions for Austria.

    After the seeding was in the books, the starter list for tomorrows race was official. One more time Manon Carpenter proves her outstanding skills in every kind of terrain and qualified first for Sundays race.

    After a dramatic race the final results rolled in:

    Women Elite UCI World Cup Leogang

    1st Manon Carpenter

    13th Mariana Salazar

    Men Elite UCI World Cup Leogang

    6th Mat Simmonds

    15th Sam Dale

    71st Quentin  Chanudet

  • What a perfect way to start the season by going to Chile to join the 1st edition of Andes Pacifico race. 

    Jay Clementz by Sven Martin

    Photo © by Sven Martin

    A great adventure of 4 days and 150km of riding from La Parva resort (Santiago) to link the Pacific ocean in Maitencillo. 80 international riders attended the race to drop down up 11,000 meters cumulative descents on 13 special stages. 
    Jerome has to deal with big names : François Bailly Maitre and the local Nicolas Prudencio (Chilean National champion and also on Bliss Protection). 

    Jay Clementz by Juan Luis de Heeckeren
    Photo © by Juan Luis de Heeckeren

    For his 1st race of the season on his 650B new bike, Jey had good feelings and set the pace at the very 1st day. The terrain was dusty, as Chris Ball describes as "anti grip" trails, and you must get used to the crazy long and different downhills the organisation provides. But the views were handsome (we can see the higest summit of Chile, the Aconcagua) and it is a perfect opportunity to discover the famous trails of the Andes. 

    Jay Clementz by Juan Luis de Heeckeren
    Photo © by Juan Luis de Heeckeren


    Jey led the race from start to finish by wining the 4 days! 

    He won in front of Nicolas Prundencio by 3 minutes 59 seconds, and François Bailly-Maitre got the 3rd position behind by 6 seconds.

  • We are pleased to present the 2013 Bliss Protection X-Mas raffle.

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    The raffle will be heald each day from December 1st - 24th on the Bliss Protection Facebook page.

    So feel free to turn over to the Bliss Facebook page, participate and get some early Christmas gifts.  

    X-Mas Raffle

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  • A fast enduro racer - like your current Specialized SRAM Enduro Series champion André Wagenknecht - is in need of a fast racing squad. 

    Cube Action Team

    So it´s no mystery the CUBE Action Team including Bliss Protection´s very own Gusti Wildhaber, Laura Brethauer, Ludwig Döhl and André Wagenknecht is pretty fast! Each CUBE Action Team rider managed it to ride as speedy as possible during the whole series. So we are proud to announce your over all winner team of the 2013 Specialized SRAM Enduro Series. It´s the incredible CUBE ACTION TEAM! Congratulations boys and lovely Laura! Great effort!!

  • We´re proud to announce your 2013 Specialized SRAM Enduro Series champion | André Wagenknecht.

    André Wagenknecht
    © Christoph Bayer

    Due to the massive snowfalls at Flims - the last stop of Enduro Series - this stop has to be canceled. 
    Congratulations André, you nailed it!